How do I know my pool water is safe from the Coronavirus?

Covid-19 hit the world out of nowhere. The entire world has had to learn and share what they know. Unfortunately, not all information we see on the web is accurate. So, we choose to learn and take the advice from an expert, Roberta Lavin, a professor of medicine at the University of Tennessee’s College of Nursing. […]

Cinco De Mayo Fun Poolside Recipes

Cinco De Mayo brings a lot of fun and laughter but even more delicious food! Embrace the day and make some of the best food while you enjoy a dunk in your pool. Below we offer a few of our favorite recipes that you can grab and go!  The perfect finger foods to enjoy while […]

Keeping Animals & Critters out of Your Pool

Keeping mice, skunks, chipmunks, ducks, geese, snakes, frogs, squirrels, insects, spiders, lizards, raccoons and bats (yes, even bats) out of your swimming pool can be an interesting task to tackle. It can often become humorous at times, so we are here to offer you some quick and easy tips and ways to keep them at […]

Cool New Pool Products in 2020

The year 2020 has brought many things to us so far, seems this year is a year of new experiences and patience. The joys of staying home more often is enjoying your pool to the fullest and the latest products out there. All items can be bought online and shipped to your house, so sit […]

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Every Day?

In order to know how long to run your pool pump daily, you will need to be familiar with some pool equipment and know some specifics about your pool. Throughout this learning process you are going to become very close with your pool pump and filter systems. Do you know the purpose of your pool […]

How You Can Utilize Your Pool to Improve Your Health

Swimming and/or water exercise can be a huge benefit to your health. With the resistance of the water, it makes your entire body work. It also removes gravity so it’s not so hard on your joints and lessens the impact. Swimming is a great all-round exercise that provides a great full body workout. There are […]

How to Use Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers can be one of the most useful tools that a pool owner can have at their fingertips. They help save time, money and energy. If you have owned a pool cover for some time or you are new to this subject, I am sure the information we are proving below can at […]